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Conditions of Use

You need to be 18+ to order from us. We cannot ship to any other address than specified on your file. All shipments will require your signatures.

All firearm purchases require valid PAL at the time of purchase. We require the license number and your date of birth to validate the license with the RCMP.

Residents of Quebec need to Register the Non-restricted firearms with Canadian Firearms Program right away on receipt of the firearm. We are not responsible to register non-restricted firearms sold to any customers.


Disclaimer: Airguns can be very dangerous and cause serious injury! As a condition to use any products or services provided by, the customer, end-user, or owner of any airgun or related accessory or service assumes liability and responsibility for all risk of personal injury, death, or property loss or damage resulting from any cause whatsoever including, but not limited to, the risks, dangers and hazards of marksmanship and other recreational activities, the use of targets, accessories, pellets, etc. BY BEING A PATRON OF CANADASHOOTINGSUPPLY.CA, YOU ASSUME ALL RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR ACTIONS, THE ACTIONS OF ANYONE USING YOUR RECREATIONAL EQUIPMENT (WITH OR WITHOUT YOUR PERMISSION) AND ANY UNINTENTIONAL USE OF YOUR AIRGUN OR RELATED ACCESSORIES, AND RELEASE CANADASHOOTINGSUPPLY.CA FROM ANY RESPONSIBILITY OR LIABILITY. 

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